I have seen people often complaining their iPhone is not charging in spite of plugging in the charger. What can be the reasons? The reasons can be very small or at times there can be grave issues also. Let us try to examine how to face such a situation.  First of all let us examine how one can understand whether the iPhone’s battery is charging or not charging after connecting it to the charging device. If it is charging a lightning bolt will appear next to the icon of the battery. If such a lightning bolt is not appearing then the battery is not charging.

Check the port for lint, debris, obstructions etc

The primary reason for not charging can be the block created to the flow of charge as a result of any debris or lint obstructing the path.  Such obstructions can prevent the charging cable from properly fitting in the iPhone port. First thing to do is to check for obstruction. If there is some debris or lint is found, remove it and try charging again. If you can blow some air into the port so that the dust in it will be removed.

Replace the wall outlet

Another common reason for the non-charging iPhone can be the wall outlet to which the charger pins will be plugged into. If you doubt there can be some problem with the wall fitting change it immediately and try once again. If your charger is connected to a USB port then it can be due to the problems of the USB port. In such case, you can try another USB port and check whether the problem still persists.

Check the USB cable

Sometimes the non-charging of the iPhone battery can be due to the damages caused in the USB cable used for this purpose. On physical observation if the if the cable seems damaged or torn go for a fresh cable and start checking again whether the batter is now charging or not. Fortunately USB cables are very cheap and are available in computer shops.

Reboot your iPhone

Sometimes a rebooting of the iPhone can save it from all problems relating to non-charging even after plugging in the charger. If all the above mentioned methods were tried and if the iPhones battery is not getting charged, then the only thing that can be tried by a layman is to reboot the iPhone and hope for the best.

Why Expert Phone Repair Services

How to pick professional cell phone repair services? Have your own cell phone is now very important not just for those who have organizations, but also even for those are at house and at school. Your cell phone is not just for taking images and checking the internet, but most vital for contracting someone in case of emergency. Hence, it is truly advised for a person to have his own cell phone forever with him. Anyway, there can be examples when your mobile phone gets destroyed and no matter what the factor may be, you now have damaged, or unusable phone.

Phone repair shop

Here, you have a few choices that you can consider, buy a fresh unit, attempt to fix the mobile by yourself, or bring it to a highly regarded phone repair shop. For many people, purchasing a new phone is the most perfect route to take. Anyway, your financial statement may take a big hit, or maybe the damage is not value the cost of purchasing a fresh unit. And definitely, there is the over-romanticizing factor; either the unit was offered to you by a loved one or you carefully kept money to purchase that phone, so you cannot simply dispose of it fully.

If your cell phone is no longer protected by a warranty, you might be tempted to attempt mobile repair. Most people can find numerous internet resources which can serve as a guide for this job, from blog posts to internet videos. But before trying phone repair, understand that there are some warnings. For one, it is possible that you will cancel the warranty of the mobile. Next you will need to safe the best tools for the work. If you attempt to repair your mobile with just any tool that you can get your hands on, the outcomes may not be what you guess. Third, you will need to source the parts by yourself, many of which may not be quickly accessible to the average consumer. Some of these parts can just be secured internet shops and you have to consider whether the costs involved, adding shipping, are value it.

Best idea to repair

So before attempting self iPhone repair, you have to ask yourself if you are ready for the tasks, costs and dangerous involved. The simple route to take is to enlist the aid of expert technicians who have the knowledge, experience, skills and tools to work rightly the primary time.