Not all kitchen remodeling projects end up being successful. Where on one hand some projects simply fail, people end up going overboard in the other projects. Do remember that a project that costs you more than it is supposed to, is also a failed project. One question that people ask before remodeling the kitchen is, whether they should replace the countertop or set the new appliances first? Well, countertop replacement is certainly very crucial. At the same time, the importance of setting up new appliances can also not be ignored.

However, it is very important to do things in the right order in order to get everything flowing smoothly. In case you do one thing before the other in the wrong order, you will end up wasting money. At the same time, you may not be able to build the kitchen that you have always dreamt of.

What should you get first? A new countertop or new appliances?

In this article, we aim to answer the above-mentioned question. While it may sound a simple one, there are a number of complexities that may arise if it is not addressed properly.

Making a kitchen plan

Countertop designs usually revolve around the specifications of the new appliances. In case you are planning to install specialty appliances such as one with a wide length or an off-size refrigerator, you will have to measure the appliance first. However, in case you are not planning to reconfigure the cabinets and the countertop, the new appliances should be of the same size as the existing appliances

Fixtures and appliances

It is important to insert the dishwasher below a counter so that the countertop configuration does not get altered. The same rule also applies to trash compactor and other appliances that sit under the counter. In case you have a refrigerator that fits in tightly, you may have to change the edge of a countertop that is adjacent to the refrigerator.

When you are planning to get a new configuration for the cabinets, take a look at the local code and determine the exhaust vent that you require.

In case you have cooktops that have vents built-in right behind an appliance, you may have to modify the countertop backsplash for better fitting.

Countertops go first

Before dropping in a top-end under-counter dishwasher, it is important for the countertop to be in the right place. You can spot a number of problems beforehand by using a paper template that the configuration of the countertop. This will include the fixtures such as a sink and the appliance placement.

In certain countertop types such as poured decorative concrete, manufacturers construct framed block-outs in advance. These cutouts primarily represent the space for the sink.

Similarly, before installing the dishwasher, set in and plumb your sink so that it is right in place. At this point, do not fret in case your refrigerator or dishwasher does not look in place. These appliances usually feature adjustable legs that can be lowered or raised until the appliances and plumb and level.

Other countertop considerations

Ultimately, the type of countertop material that you have chosen determines the way it will be installed. In case you have a flat laminate in good condition, new laminate can be installed on top of it. In the case of a poured concrete top, tile, or a solid composite-type countertop, you will have to take the existing top off first. Let’s suppose that you have chosen granite. Make sure that the granite company Durham NC has constructed the countertop based on the right specifications. In the case of granite, a base layer of plywood will also be required. Once everything looks good, you’re ready to install it.