Since the world is changing and moving towards deforestation in order to make more space for living, we’re getting away from nature. And that’s why now we’re valuing plants more. Greenery is getting infrequent due to urbanization. But, humans find solace and peace around greenery. So in these circumstances, if you’re thinking about hiring a tree cutting service for tree removal, there might be some good reason behind that.

Reasons to cut down a tree can be safety, convenience, or space. But before cutting down a tree, you must know about the pros and cons of tree removal. Plus, what alternatives you can apply instead of cutting down a tree. Read the article to get all the necessary information regarding cutting of a tree.

Pros Of Cutting A Tree


Space is the main reason we’re cutting down trees. Even though trees are beneficial for the ecosystem, we still cannot live on only trees. We need food and residence as well. And for that reason, the removal of trees is beneficial to us. It provides us with more space for the cultivable land. Plus, cutting down trees provides space for building a residential area for humans.

Moreover, if you’re living in a small space, cutting trees will give you more room to walk around, and hence make you feel spacious around.


Removal of a tree is beneficial with regards to the protection of your area, as well. There’s no doubt that planting makes the site look aesthetic. But, you never know what’s going on deep down the Earth. The growing roots can damage the concrete pathways, and the branches will damage the eaves. Moreover, there’s a risk of falling off a dead or damaged tree. And, it will not only block your way but will also pose a threat to your safety and the safety of your building as well.

Easy Maintenance

Having no trees is quite convenient for the cleaning because it sometimes gets really annoying when you have to clear the yard after every few days. Plus, fishing the leaves out of the pool is a duty that you have to fulfill with patience. You may sometimes observe that the leaves fall off minutes after clearing the path as if they’re playing with you, which is really annoying. So, clearing of trees means you’ll get rid of all these issues.

Cons Of Cutting A Tree

Loss Of Charm

Before providing anything, trees give an aesthetic and charming appearance. They are pleasing to the eyes with their first looks. Additionally, greenery is beneficial to health. So, when you clear a tree, it makes the area look dull. And there’s no bad in saying that the area loses its charm.

Moreover, they are a source of shelter for birds and animals. Planting not only adds beauty to the area but also attracts the birds as well. They build shelters for themselves in and on the trees. This is an additional charm.

Alter The Ecosystem

Trees are a significant source for the maintenance of the ecosystem. They maintain the balance between the environment and pollution. That’s why the areas that are without plants are more polluted and contain more dust as compared to the areas with plants. Trees capture all the dust and maintain the rain cycle of the site. Moreover, our environment is a complex system of plants and animals. Both depend upon each other. So, removing trees may remove animals’ source of food and residence as well. Therefore, cutting down a tree may pose severe damage to the ecosystem of the area.

Emotional Attachment

Before removing a tree, you must know about its emotional or historical importance. For instance, if the tree’s there for a very long time, it can have emotions attached to it along with historical significance. Therefore, to avoid any severe loss, you should do some research about the history of the tree as well.


Despite all the pros and cons, you should make a final decision after consulting tree removal services Chevy Chase or according to your circumstances. You never know maybe there’s some alternative that you can apply instead of expensive removal of the tree. Be sure about your decision before implementing it by taking into account all the necessary stuff.