Switching from one hair color to another is a grueling task for many as the process is not as easy as it sounds and you may have to visit a hair salon specializing in color. Opting to elevate a lighter shade to a darker one is more complicated as there are numerous steps involved.

If that’s what brought you here, stay hooked since well be tapping the process to make it easier for all first-timers.

Choosing The Hair Color

The most crucial step is to decide the new color. Browsing catalogs or seeing an Instagram post of someone rocking a new, chic hair color is not sufficient. Your present hair color determines how well your new color will sit, the time, effort, and money involved, along with future sittings with your colorist.

Usage Of A Demi-Permanent Dye

The second step can rather be called the tip of the iceberg. It’s called color correcting. Since you have decided to transition from a lighter tone to a comparatively darker one, your hair color needs correction. This is done before your actual tinting journey to prepare your hair for the deeper shade. Its need arises because your present hair has lost its color when it was bleached light. To make this sound easy; the new color needs a strong base to cling onto your hair which is provided by this correcting technique. Usual correctors used when transitioning into brown shades are deep reds, burgundies, or mahogany.

Hair Dyeing

Here comes the main step. After the initial step of restoring lost warm undertones, now your decision to move to a light brown has moved further. Your colorist will choose a warm shade of brown or deeper brown to color your hair shafts depending on the quality of the techniques applied.

Hair Health

The time that the color takes to absorb in your hair depends on the condition of your hair. Dry and unhealthy hair takes more time to absorb the new color and vice versa. Wash your hair and lock into the treatment with a deep conditioner.


Aftercare is another milestone for color-treated hair with a vast range promoting products that claim to lock your tinted hair treatment. Your colorist will give you a gloss and serum treatment later during the day followed by a hair trim if you had booked that too.

At-home care is also highly suggested by stylists and colorists worldwide. You will be requested to visit for a touch up because the light brown hair color naturally fades sooner. Your new growth will also require touch-ups frequently.

Change In The Vanity Case

Another aspect of dyeing your hair darker is bringing a change in the makeup use. Your base will remain unchanged because it has nothing to do with your hair color obviously, but the eyebrow tint, bronzer, and lip shades should resonate well with your new hair color. Now you don’t want to look goofy with dark color hair and light color brows. Ladies with brown hair should also wear more blush or nude lipsticks for an optimal natural look.

Dyeing Hair At Home

On a side note, your salon visit can be skipped if you don’t intend to be extravagant about the expenditure or simply don’t find it safe during these pandemic days.

Around the supermarkets, there are several brands available, whose credibility you can check online and buy one that suits your requirements. As an initial step, deep condition your hair, because color sticks well to hydrated healthy hair.

Mix the color as per the instructions and apply using a brush. Give it time to work out its magic, wash off, and slather the conditioner once again to lock in the results.

Since this isn’t a salon treatment, you will surely notice some rebellious patches/strands that have decided on a non-cooperative movement. You can take them down by applying the leftover concoction, leaving it to work, and washing off as usual. Don’t forget to apply a serum or hair gloss because hair becomes dry and brittle after coloring treatments.

So these were some steps that were laid down straight for transitioning from blonde to light brown hair shade, but the results may vary keeping in view of the preferences of every individual. You can do at home coloring, but the best option is to go to a hair color correction specialist Rockville.