Installing a swimming pool comes with a lot of precautions beforehand. You should discuss safety features with the swimming pool builder beforehand. However, there are also some precautions that you must take before letting the kids loose in the pool. Here are some common but important swimming pool safety tips.

Stay Away From The Drains

You might have seen small hollow holes at the floor of the pool. It’s better to stay away from these holes, because these are the drains for the water in the pool. They are powerful and can suck anything that comes near the drain. The last thing you want is an unwanted emergency in the pool party. So, it’s best to steer clear of the drains and suction valves of the pool.

Walking Is The Safest Option

Your parents might always tell you this and it is true. It is best to walk around the perimeter of the pool rather than mindlessly sprinting near the wet area. The pool and its surroundings might be extremely wet and people can be susceptible to falling and tripping. This can cause a lot of injuries and you need to be careful where you’re walking. It’s best that if you see water, you slowly walk around the area. Your shoes also play a huge role in this. Make sure you are wearing good quality shoes that are slip-resistant. They will save you in many ways you can’t even imagine. Also, when installing the pool, choose a family-friendly design to avoid accidents.

No Diving In Shallow Water

Shallow pools are not the right place to be showing off your diving skills. Shallow pools have a really low dip, about a feet or two. If you dive in the shallow pool head on, there is a high possibility that you can hit your head on the pool floor. This can lead you to bust your head and in worst cases, you can lose consciousness if you hit your head too hard. Too hard or too little, it’s not a good idea to dive in a shallow pool, so that idea shouldn’t even come to your mind.

Use Of Pool Rings

If the kids don’t know how to swim, even if it is a shallow pool, then you should have some sort of safety and floating equipment around the kid to make sure that the kids are on the surface afloat. Having life jackets and pool rings is a great idea to ensure proper safety for kids and also teenagers who have a hard time swimming. This will keep them on the surface and it will be easy for them to tread around. Having some pool floating equipment is a good idea, if you are hosting a pool party.

Have An Eye On The Kids

If you are hosting a kid pool party, then it is best to have an adult supervisor to keep an eye in the kids at all times. It’s very easy for kids to lose their footing in the pool, get submerged underwater and hit their head or body somewhere, so it’s best that there is someone who can run to the rescue when it is required. It can be a big brother, or even a tall supervisor, who knows the basics of swimming and rescuing someone out of the water. This will be extremely helpful for you and the kids in the pool.

No Electronics Near The Pool

Having electronics near the pool is like waiting for an accident to happen. If you drop your phone in the water, it will be a hassle to get it back and it’s also quite probable that your phone gets permanently damaged. There should be no live wires or electric circuit boxes near the water, because anything bad can happen. An electric shock will travel quickly by water and it will affect everyone in the pool. So, it’s best to have precautions and safety measures at all times.

There you have it! Building a safe pool by a pool contractor is the primary goal. After it, ensure that you enjoy your time in the pool while being careful. Remember! Safety comes first, fun comes second. These tips will not diminish the fun but it will help you and your kids be safe in the pool. Lagras