A commercial deep fryer is important and popular equipment of the restaurant industry. They come in different sizes and shapes along with features depending on the needs and preferences of a business. Like many other appliances, deep fryers can sometimes face problems as well. To deal with the situation you need proper guidance about what can potentially go wrong and how to do deep fryer repair. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to share some important information about commercial deep fryers and what you can do to maintain them to avoid problems during high workload.

Types Of Commercial Deep Fryers

Countertop Fryers

Countertop fryers tend to be an excellent compromise between performance and space-saving. If frying is your ancillary cooking method for your truck stand or restaurant, the countertop models will require minimal space while delivering delicious products.

Floor Fryers

If you own a restaurant that sells a large amount of fried food on a daily basis, then floor deep fryers are going to be the best option. These units are designed to be rigid and tough to withstand constant use throughout the day. Furthermore, these units are available in gas and electric models as well to meet your kitchen’s energy demands. Depending on the requirements of the restaurant, you can browse through units that offer one, four, or even more pots.

Ventless Countertop Fryers

When it comes to installing kitchen appliances, most of them require proper ventilation. This can sometimes require space that you might not have. In that case, ventless countertop fryers are an excellent option. These types feature a filtration system that eliminates the need for hood ventilation. What this means is that you can use this fryer anywhere without needing a hood vent.

Reasons Your Deep Fryer Is Not Working

Broken Thermopile

The heating element of the deep fryer is called a thermopile. This device is designed to convert thermal energy into electric energy, which in turns heats the oil in the fryer. Since busy establishments tend to heat large quantities of food throughout the day, it can take a toll on the thermopile. Therefore, if your deep fryer’s thermopile is faulty, it will not be able to convert thermal heat from the pilot light into electrical energy. As a result, the fryer will not work or heat. A common sign of faulty thermopile is that the pilot light will not either go on or stay lit.

Blocked Burners

Deep dryers have burners that can sometimes become clogged due to debris, dust, food particles, and grease build-up. If you observe that, the burners will not light up or light up partially or irregularly, chances are that you have blocked orifices. To unclog the burners, use a stiff brush to remove dirt and debris buildup. If the burners still produce fluctuating flames, there might be a problem with the gas pressure. And lastly, if you come to find out that the fuel lines are damaged, we will suggest calling a professional to fix the problem.

Problem With The Thermostat

The thermostat of a deep fryer is responsible for maintaining the oil temperature. During the heating process, the thermostat constantly monitors the temperature and reduces it whenever needed. This ensures that the oil is maintained at the required temperature. A faulty thermostat in that case will not cut off the process and will cause the oil to overheat. Furthermore, faulty thermostats are usually due to disconnected wires or incorrect calibration. You can easily fix this by reconnecting the wires or resetting the appliance.

Faulty High Limit Switch

The high limit switch is responsible for monitoring the fryer temperature and informing the thermostat. When the high-temperature switch is defective, it won’t be able to detect the high temperature of the fryer and in turn, the thermostat won’t be able to lower the temperature. You can fix the problem by just replacing this component.

Final Word

This blog aimed to discuss the reasons behind your commercial deep fryer not working. While some of the problems can be fixed on your own, others require a commercial appliances repair Fairfax technician to solve them. Therefore, consider the tips outlined above and get your deep fryer working again right away.