Cutting paving stones or pavers can be a daunting task but sometimes can be inevitable. If you are laying down pavers to build a patio or a driveway etc. you would want to make sure that the pavers fit in right. Hence, the cutting. If you hire patio builders, they perform all the tasks themselves, but if you’re DIYing it, we are going to share some tips that will help you cut pavers the right way. Let’s begin!

Hammer & Chisel

The first method of cutting pavers is using a hammer and a chisel. You need to keep in mind that this method will only work if you have a few stones to split and do not need a perfect cut. At the same time, you will not be needing gasoline, unreeling your garden hose, or any electrical cables, just technique, and force.

To properly cut a paving stone using a hammer and a chisel, you will need to follow three basic steps. First, mark the stone. Second, score your stone along the marking, and finally place your chisel where you want the split and use the hammer repeatedly a few times. It will cut the stone but you might need to chip off extra corners, edges or concrete, etc.

Paving Stone Splitter

Using a paving stone splitter is yet another easy option. Using this method, you will be able to split the stones faster and cleaner. Plus, this tool is useful for cutting a large amount of paving stones easily. However, then again, you won’t be getting any superfine cuts using this tool either.

To use the paving stone splitter, you will first mark and place the stone under the blade and then pull the lever to split the stone into pieces.

Circular Saw

A circular saw is used if you want fine cuts. However, make sure that you wear safety equipment and cover your hands as the blade can cause serious injuries. While cutting a stone, the stone should be wet and ensure that water is directly flowing on the stone from an open water source.

The reason is that during the cutting process, silica dust is released which can damage the lungs if inhaled. In fact, cutting concrete dry is illegal in many states due to the same reason. Therefore, if the paving stone is wet, the dust released will be relatively less.

To use a circular saw, you will first mark the stone and place it under the blade. Then, turn on the water source and run the machine along the mark to produce a fine cut.

Demolition Saw

A demolition saw can cut many types of pavers like brick, concrete, masonry, steel, and other materials. Concrete saws come with even more abrasive diamond blades with teeth when compared to circular saws.

Additionally, unlike the circular saw, the demolition saw runs on gasoline, which makes it more powerful. Most of these saws come with a garden hose attachment to help keep the stones wet while splitting the paving stones. And since the demolition saw happens to be more abrasive than a circular saw, you are bound to end up with a much finer cut.

Tile Saw

A wet tile saw is a machine that is designed to cut stone, tile, and concrete and runs on electricity. The saw comes with a water basin that pumps water over the blade while cutting. Not only does the water reduce the amount of dust produced but also keeps the blade cool.

Using a tile saw, you will be able to produce extremely fine finishes. And the good news is that you are never going wrong with this machine. Even the amateurs can handle it with ease.

Masonry Saw

Finally, the masonry saw is the best in class for clean, safe, and easy cutting. The saw comes with a built-in vacuum that takes in most of the dust. These machines are used for large, complex projects and are preferred due to their easy portability, use, and cleanup. However, when it comes to the price, the Masonry Saw is more on the expensive side.

Final Word

There are different methods and tools for cutting paving stones. You can do it manually or using machines. However, it depends on the result that you want and the type of job at hand. You do not necessarily need expensive cutting machines. A simple hammer and a chisel might get the job done if you want some tweaks. However, if you want your paver patio to fit perfectly and last longer, hire patio contractor. Lagras