Over the years, limestone patios have become increasingly popular. Limestone has been used for thousands of years to make some of the world’s tallest buildings. If you are planning to get a limestone patio built from a patio contractor, here are some things you need to know.

What Is Limestone?

Limestone is a type of stone that is mainly formed by calcium carbonate along with carrying amounts of silt, clay, or sand. Materials such as clay, sand, and silt provide varying colors for homeowners to choose from such as tan, red, blue, or green. Since limestone makes up about 10% of all sedimentary rocks, it is easily found in most parts of the world. Countries like Italy, France, UK, and Ireland consist of limestone deposits.

Today, limestone is a popular choice amongst homeowners for patios due to being a heavy, hard-wearing material and lightly textured surface. Additionally, it neither becomes too hot during the summers nor too cold during the winters.

What Are Types Of Limestones Used For Patios

You will find various types of Limestones when choosing the stone for your patio. These types are based on their texture and surface. In addition to that, limestones differ based on permeability as well. Due to the various types, homeowners who want to build a patio have many options of limestones and they choose the most suitable type.

And then, there is a huge variety of limestone colors. From dark to light, homeowners can choose almost every type of color to ensure that the patio blends in with the overall theme of the house. If you happen to choose a dark color, expect it to lighten overtime. Perhaps the biggest feature that makes limestone a preferable choice for patios is that you can do so much with it. For instance, the edges can be chiseled, limestone can be thermalled or some types can be naturally split.

Cleaning And Maintaining A Limestone Patio

Another chief advantage of limestone patios is that they are easy to clean and maintain. These patios can be wiped using plain water or alkaline cleaner. However, acids such as vinegar or lemon juice should not be used. Furthermore, limestones develop a white powdery substance on the surface, which can also be easily cleaned with a scrub brush.

The Cost Of Installing A Limestone Patio

There is no fixed cost of installing a limestone patio. The reason being that there are several factors determining the cost. For reference, a bluestone patio may cost around $16 per square foot. The prices can climb up to $40 per square foot. But the thing with limestone is that the money spent is worth it. It adds a natural vibe to your house and overtime settles well with the decorations surrounding it.

Time It Takes To Install A Limestone Patio

Then again, several factors determine the total amount of time it takes to install a limestone patio. If the area is large, then it might take weeks to finish the project. However, if the patio is comparatively small, it should take a week or two.

Different customers demand different types, colors, and sizes. If the customer demands edges to be chiseled and different sizes to be installed, it might take a bit of time for limestones to be prepared. At the same time, limestone patios are only installed by professionals. Since limestone-related projects are expensive, a shoddy job will not be worth it. From the shaping of the limestones to the installation, everything needs to be done the right way to create the perfect patio as planned.

How Long Do They Last?

As mentioned previously, limestones are durable and hard. The only thing that needs to be ensured is their maintenance and cleaning. If well-looked after, limestones last for years. Otherwise, their color will fade and the patio will offset the entire theme of the patio. Therefore, maintain a cleaning schedule or hire professionals for the job.

Final Word

Limestone patios are arguably some of the best exterior improvements you can make to your home. However, it is equally important that you consider the pros and cons. Plus, hire a good patio builder who knows their way around the stones and can help your vision turn into reality. Lagras