Heat pump or furnace, which is best? If you currently need heat pump repair, you may thinking that you should had bought a furnace. But is it right? Well the debate about which one is between a heat pump and a furnace is going on for a while and the answer to it depends on where you actually live. Surprising isn’t it? Therefore, follow us as we try to answer the question by sharing pros and cons related to both systems and deciding which one you should go for.

What Is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump transfers air from a cooler area to a warmer area. If you are aware of how refrigerators and air conditioners work, the heat pump is exactly the same, however differing in operation as it runs in reverse.

Pros of Heat Pump

When it comes to the discussion and comparison between heat pumps and furnaces, the first notable factor is the energy efficiency of heat pumps. Amongst many other advantages that they carry, this is the first one. Modern heat pumps nowadays have SEER values ranging from around 14 to 21 SEER. By utilizing electricity, heat pumps happen to transfer heat from one area to another, meaning that they do not have to produce or generate heat by themselves. It simply operates by transferring the heat from the outside to the interior of your house.

However, even though modern heat pumps are more energy efficient as compared to most furnaces, they still are sometimes expensive to operate because they run with electricity and it is still expensive than natural gas and propane, which are fuels for furnaces. Therefore, while it is more efficient when it comes to transferring heat as compared to furnaces, it is comparatively more expensive to run. For many people out there the term “efficiency” may mean saving a few bucks on electricity bills, but in this case, it doesn’t.

Cons of Heat Pump

Well you might be thinking that why aren’t heat pumps that popular or why aren’t they used as standard heating equipment? Here is the catch. Since as already mentioned, that heat pumps transfer heat from outside to the inside of your house. What if you live in an area that has -20 degrees outside? Then again, here is the catch. The thing is that heat pumps will only work efficiently if the temperatures are above freezing. Meaning that if the temperature is above 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit, only then will a heat pump come in use whereas in the case of temperature dropping below 30-32 degrees, it won’t be a good idea.

What is a Furnace?

A furnace is a heating equipment that uses fuel to generate heat and transfer it around your house. There are different types of furnaces, such as electric, gas and fuel furnaces. Regardless, each one of them uses a fuel to produce heat inside your home.

Pros of Furnace

The biggest advantage attached to furnaces is that they will heat up your home regardless of the temperature outside as they generate their own heat as opposed to heat pumps that take heat from the outside and transfer it inside. Even if the temperature outside is 50 degrees or -10, a furnace will heat up your house and that is a priceless reliability to be honest if you live in a region such as Bozeman, Montana.

Another advantage of furnaces is that they are $500 to $1000 cheaper than heat pumps without including duct work.

Cons of Furnace

The biggest con attached to furnaces is, you might have already judged from the “fuel” factor and yes, you are right, is the running expense. No matter what type of furnace you are using, you are going to end up with huge bills at the end of every month. In some cases, a gas furnace might be cheaper to run but it depends whether you have access to gas in the area where you live.

Concluding, the answer to the question, which one should you go for? Actually depends on the region or area you are living in. It maybe that installing a furnace might be a good option but if there is no gas, then of course there is no furnace. In addition to that, make sure that in case if you are opting for furnaces, there should be expert furnace repair services ronkonkoma available in your locality. It will help when you would need an urgent repair.