A wedding without flowers sounds incomplete, just like it would be incomplete without good tent rentals. However, as much as flowers can add to the beauty in a wedding, they can also add up to the budget. With so many floral arrangements to make, such as the bride’s and bridesmaid’s bouquets, the reception and pew decorations and so on and so forth, it can be hard to save some money.

Some cheap ideas for flowers on weddings

But you can still manage to throw a marvelous wedding with these cheap wedding flowers ideas!

Choose cheaper flowers

On your big day, it is natural to want everything look perfect. However, if you are running low on your budget, you may want to compromise a little on your choices. Stick to your budget and be open about choosing your flowers. Try to choose flowers that cost less. Just because some flowers are cheaper than others do not mean they are any less pretty.  Flowers such as daisies and carnations are cheaper than orchids or peonies. If your choice of flowers is not cheap, try limiting expensive flowers to the bride’s bouquet and use cheaper flowers for the rest of the decorations.

Grow your own flowers

Planning ahead of time is always beneficial! Try planting some flowers before the big day so that they are ready in time for your wedding. Planting flowers cost much lesser than buying them. You can also add to the variety by planting several different kinds of flowers for different decorations. Planting flowers will not only save you some money, but you might also learn a new skill!

Similarly, you can also arrange your wedding in a garden! Gardens not only make cheaper venues for a wedding, but you also get ready-made flower decorations.

Don’t use flowers at all

Not using flowers probably is not even an option for your big day. However, there are many other options other than flowers that make great decorations and are super cheap. Leaves, feathers, fabric and paper are all great alternatives. All these options can make stunning bouquets and décor! If you don’t want leaves or feathers, you can also make fake flowers from fabric or paper. Fake flowers, such as silk flowers not only make pretty decorations, but they almost look real too! For centerpieces, use other alternatives, such as paper wedding decorations or candles.

Bridesmaid’s bouquets

So many flower arrangements can get overwhelming sometimes. However, the good news is that you can always cut back on some the flower arrangements and use them only for the basic arrangements. Use alternatives for the bridesmaid’s bouquets too. You can use anything to add to your unique style. Some great options are paper flowers, wreaths, paper or fabric fans, flower girl baskets, etc. Instead of using real flowers for the bridesmaid’s bouquet, use the flowers for other decorations. Try to spend only on the bouquets, boutonnieres and the altar arrangement. This way you can save some money and also have an amazing wedding.

Ending note

It may sound like a bad idea to take a risk and order your flowers online, but it is the complete opposite! Ordering flowers online from a wholesaler can cost you much less than purchasing your flowers from a local florist. However, you may need to plan your schedule and get the flowers before the wedding day, so you have time to trim them and arrange them according to your desire. If you think it might be a risk to order flowers online, you can also try ordering a sample weeks before the big day and then decide for yourself if you like them or not. However, in all this hustle and bustle, do not forget to arrange suitable wedding rental packages MD for your wedding.