Removing a tree for the first time can be dangerous. If you do not have any prior experience of cutting a tree, you might not only hurt yourself but others around you as well. Therefore, we have gathered a list of important tips from tree cutting services for you to consider that will make the tree cutting process much easier and safer.

Analyze The Tree

The first thing you need to do is analyze the tree. What we mean by that is you should take a good look around it and plan the cutting process accordingly. Be it a small or tall tree you cannot underestimate its potential to cause damage. Trees need to be cut in a particular angle so that they do not fall on your or your neighbor’s property.

If the tree is big, you might want to call the professionals for tree removal. If that is not an option then you might want to research about it over the internet at least. This will give you an idea of what to expect and how to prepare.

Clear The Surroundings

Clearing the surroundings is the next important thing. You need to make sure nothing comes in the way of cutting the tree. If required and possible, inform your neighbors so that they are able to remove anything that might get hurt or damaged. If the tree happens to be on the road, make sure that there are no kids playing on the street.

In addition to that, check your property as well. If you have things like air conditioner units installed or any other electric appliances, you might want to remove them first. Finally, check the main electric wires coming to your house. If the tree happens to fail on them, it will take some time and money to repair the issue. This can lead to all sorts of inconveniences.

Gather The Tools

When it comes to cutting down a tree and looking for the right tools, there is a huge variety out there in the market. Different trees require different types of tools for cutting. In some cases, you might need a chainsaw whereas in other cases, saws will do the job.

Furthermore, if it is a big tree you will need to prune it first by using pruning tools. You should not cut three with its branches. Instead, cut as many branches as possible to reduce the chances of casualties. Visit your nearby supermarket and browse through the tools. If you are unsure of what to use, try consulting a professional.

Wear A Safety Suit

Whether it is a small or big tree, you should always wear a safety suit before cutting it. The most dangerous part of the cutting process is the landing of the tree. If by any means it were to fall in a totally opposite direction as expected, you cannot afford to hurt yourself. Some trees have branches with sharp spikes. And the last thing you would expect is such a tree scratching you when falling.

On the other hand, if a tree is big, you will need to climb it to prune and cut the branches. For that you will need a suit and relevant equipment to climb the tree. Once you are up there, double check everything to make sure you are safe and there are no chances of falling.

Be Thorough

Once the tree is on the ground, you will need to remove all the roots. This is important so that the tree does not sprout back up. You are going to dig according to the tree size and diameter. Using a spade is necessary to break the soil apart. Once the stump, roots and tree has been removed, you need to shift them to an appropriate site for disposal.

Final Word

Hopefully, we have covered everything you need to know about removing a tree for the first time. Always practice safety first and plan ahead to avoid issues. Otherwise, injuries and consequences can be quite serious. If it’s a big tree or you are confused about the tree cutting process, hire tree removal services MD to perform the job. This will also ensure the safety of your property.