A lot of people deal with elbow injuries, especially people who fall a lot, put stress on arms and elbows or are athletic. Here are some signs which can show you if your elbow pain is normal or if it needs to be surgically treated by an elbow pain doctor.

Bruising and Swelling in The Elbow Joint

If you feel extreme pain and bruising in your elbow after falling down or striking your elbow very hard, then it might mean that your injury is serious. Some signs which you can look out for are swelling in the elbow joint, pain in the elbow if you move it or try to touch it, bruising in the elbow joint and region near the elbow and slight pain in the bruising. These signs mean that your injury is not something you should take lightly. You should check in with a doctor immediately and not delay it any further.

If Your Elbow Looks Deformed

After falling down or having a huge impact on your elbow, it can cause deformity in your elbow and your joint. The deformity can only happen if you strike your elbow too hard to dislocate the bone and joint. Deformity or dislocation in the elbow might mean that your elbow is fractured. You might need to get it relocated if it is hurting a lot or if you are unable to move it. having a cast on your elbow will help to heal your dislocated elbow.

If You Cannot Move Your Elbow

If you are having a hard time moving your elbow after falling down or striking it hard, then it might mean that your elbow condition can be serious. Not being able to move your elbow might mean that your veins or nerves might be affected after the fall. You need to see a doctor immediately in this case, otherwise, there might be serious complications if you delay it any longer. Seeing a doctor and getting an x-ray done will help to determine the cause of your injury and inability to move your elbow. Not being able to move your elbow might lead to permanent damage.

If You Cannot Rotate Your Elbow

A lot of the times, after falling down on your shoulder or elbow, might mean that you have imparted a serious injury to it. you can easily check if you are able to rotate your elbow or not by turning your elbow from the palm down. If you are unable to move the elbow and find it difficult to rotate the elbow easily, then it means that your injury is very serious. Having yourself checked by a doctor is a good idea. Inability to rotate your elbow can also come with swelling, redness, bruising and a lot of pain.

Types of Elbow Injuries

Some of the most common elbow injuries are as follows:


Osteoarthritis is a medical condition in which the cartilage is damaged. The cartilage is a connective tissue, which is present in the joints of the bone. Loosening of the cartilage and joints can cause a lot of pain in the bone. Some common places to get osteoarthritis is in the elbow, the knee, the back, etc.

Ligament Tearing

Ligaments are the glue which hold the muscles with the bones. These ligaments can get ripped or damaged if you put a lot of pressure on your bones or if you overdo it. Ligament tears are very common in people who do weight lifting and other athletic stuff. It can happen a lot in the elbow and shoulders as well.

Dislocation or Fracture

Fracture is the dislocation or breaking of the bone after a huge impact is imparted on the bone. Fractures can take a lot of time to heal since the bone needs to fully regenerate. For fractures, putting on a cast is necessary. On the other hand, dislocation is the moving of the bone from its original position. Dislocation can be easily treated with regular physical therapy, painkillers and massage.

There you go! You can now navigate these signs and conclude if your elbow pain can be treated by a general physician or you should visit an orthopedic surgeon McLean for a proper surgical procedure.