A lot of people are mistakenly believing maintenance means sending your appliance to a repair professional. And while doing so has its own place, let us tell you that maintenance starts at home and it can help you avoid unnecessary washer repairs. Follow these tips.

Make Sure To Deep Clean Your Washing Machine Regularly

A lot of people are not aware of this fact, but the efficiency of your washing machine goes down over time. The reason behind that is scaling, which is to say that soap water gets accumulated on the surface of the tub, preventing the machine to perform at its optimal. This is why a deep clean with hot water and some vinegar is necessary every once in a while, to cut down the soap.

Clean Out The Rubber Gasket To Prevent Dirt Accumulation

The gasket is located at the lip of the washer tip and every time you open and close the lid, some dust or dirt gets accumulated in between. It also experiences spills and harsh chemicals, as well as comes in contact with the fabric every time you are loading or unloading the washer. As a result, the gasket gets roughed up and dirtied over time and needs proper cleaning.

Use It In A Way To Preserve The Finish Of The Appliance

A washing machine is one of those appliances that people do not really care about how they use. Most of the time it is treated very brutally, with people throwing in clothes, banging the lid shut, spilling water all over and whatnot. All of this drastically reduces the lifespan of the appliance.

Prevent The Machine From Overflowing And Spilling

When loading your washer, make sure to not add so many clothes that when you run it, the detergent water overflows over the lid and spills onto the floor. If you really need to wash a lot of clothes, wash them in multiple cycles.

Leave The Door Of Your Machine Open Overnight

One of the biggest mistakes people make after using the washing machine for washing clothes is leaving it closed while it is still wet. The damp and dark place inside the tub becomes a festering ground for bacteria. Leave it open overnight so that it can dry up naturally.

Keep The Detergent And Softener Dispenser Clean

Modern automatic washers are equipped with two dispensers, one for detergent and one for fabric softener that automatically dispense the right amount of both into the water every time you run a load. While this feature is extremely convenient, a lot of people forget the fact that these dispensers need to be cleaned from time to time as well or else they will get choked up and prevent efficient dispensing of either solution.

Make Sure The Hoses Do Not Get Tangled At Any Time

Your washing machine has three hoses, two for inlet and one for draining the dirty water out of the tub once the clothes have completed washing. If either of these get tangled, pressure will build up inside the pipes which may cause them to burst. Make sure they are positioned securely before running the machine, so that there is no risk of them getting caught up in anything.

Wash The Lint Filter On A Regular Basis

Another thing that needs to be cleaned in a washing machine on a regular basis is the lint filter located at the side of the tub that collects lint from clothes as they are being washed, so that they do not end up in the drain causing blockages. But once they get full, you have to take the filter out and give it a proper wash so that it can keep doing its job.

Washing clothes by hand can be an extremely tedious task and we only get to realize that when our washer breaks down. In order to make sure that fate never comes to pass, follow the above tips and we assure you your washing appliance will serve you for a long time. Another thing to keep in mind is that if for some reason you feel the machine is malfunctioning, it is a good idea to have an appliance repair Alexandria professional look at it promptly so that any issues can be diagnosed and fixed before they become a much bigger problem.