Every once in a while you must have faced slow moving water down your drains, or water backup from your drains or a complete water blockage which makes you contact a local drain cleaning service ASAP. This is very commonly faced by every household and the reason is mostly the people themselves. However there may be external reasons as well.

Your sewer line is what connects all your drains to the sewerage area. In some areas there is a main sewerage line which connects many homes to one line and that pipeline then drains to the main sewerage system. In some cases the home line may directly connect to the main sewerage line. There may be many reasons for sewerage line or drain clog. If many homes in an area are facing blockages or water backup then it is the main line issue which should be dealt with by the health sector of that area while if there is blockage in your sink or washroom then you need a plumber to fix the issue.

Causes Of Sewer Problems

Things That Shouldn’t Be Thrown In The Drain

The main cause of sewer problems is objects and stuff discarded into the sinks and flush. These items are those things that should not be flushed or drain down the sink. You may be surprised what the plumbers find when they open up the drain pipes. Most commonly discarded items are sanitary napkins, pampers, tampons, small shoppers, small toys thrown by the kids, tissue papers, blobs of hair, cotton balls, toothbrushes and pens, small soaps, shampoo and bottle caps and even more other stuff. All these things should go in the dustbin and not be flushed down the drains. The consequences of a sewage line blockage are disastrous. If the damage has been done then you need to call in a plumber to fix the issue.

Grease And Oil

Another culprit of a sewage line or drain blockage is fats, grease and oil. These are usually washed down the kitchen sink which are mainly used for cooking. You may think that you are throwing away liquid but what you don’t know is that as the oil and grease travels down the pipe, it tends to cool down and solidifies and gets stuck in the sewerage line and also attracts other small and foreign objects passing through the drain eventually causing a clog.

Tree Roots Invading the Drain And Sewer Pipes

Tree roots also sometimes grow inside the pipes. They may break the pipe and get in or the roots start to grow inside which causes an obstruction. There are many chemicals available which kill the tree roots but they also kill the plants. The only way to avoid this is to make sure there is no plantation nearby the sewerage lines.

Inferior Quality Pipes

Other than flushing and washing things down the drain, the problem may lie within as well. The pipelines may not be built properly or may have been done by unprofessional people or you might have gone for the DIY method. The pipeline should be installed perfectly by professionals or it is going to give you major trouble in future.

Old Pipes

If your pipes have gotten old, rusted or broken then you will face frequent sewage issues. You will need to get your pipes repaired better yet get new ones installed so that there is no trouble for you in the future.

You will need to call in a drain cleaning professional to sort out the issue. If you hear gurgling sounds or get a bad smell from the sink or a water backup then you need to get the help of a drain service. The plumber will insert a camera and find the cause of the clog or where the issue is and then will fix the issue.

To avoid future sewerage line issues you need to avoid throwing and discarding stuff that creates the problems. These things have a place known as the dustbin. Prevention is one half of cure. And when you do get a drain or sewer line block, look for credible sewer cleaning companies to unclog the drain as they have specific equipment for proper drain cleaning, which also prevents frequent clogs.