Car window tins prevent the sun’s harmful rays from penetrating through the windows, reducing their negative impact on the car interior and your skin. Moreover, auto window tinting makes your car more energy efficient. To ensure the tints last as long as the auto shop or the brand claims, you should follow the set of practices that will aid this.

Don’t Mind The Bubbles

You may be surprised by this title because bubbles on car window tints usually mean a cheap film or a bad tint installation. But the bubbles that appear right after the tint installation and the ones due to a cheap film or bad installation are different from each other.

You’ll notice bubbles in both cases, but the ones that disappear were due to moisture and they are common after the installation of auto tints. So, don’t mind them. However, if the bubbles aren’t going away even after a few days of installation, check with the tint installer.

Let The Window Tints Dry

This point must not be neglected. If you carry out the usual activities without letting the tints dry, they will be damaged and will require replacement sooner than expected.

How much time does it take for car window tints to dry? It depends on the weather. In summer, the tints should dry within 2-3 days. But in winter, you may have to wait for a week.

To speed up the drying process, park the car in direct sunlight during the daytime. However, if it’s raining or snowing outside, park it in the garage or at least in a shade.

Avoid Car Wash After The Tint Installation

Car tints are applied on the inside of the window glass. As a car wash is for the cleaning of the exterior of the car, many car owners think that it’s fine to wash the car after tinting the windows. But this can be a mistake.

The tints being applied on the inside of the glass stops it from collecting dirt and dust while driving, but if you wash your car, the moisture will seep into the tint film and delay the drying process. In the worst-case scenario, the tint film might peel off. So, avoid car washing for 2-7 days depending on the weather in your city.

Don’t Roll Down The Windows Until The Tints Are Dry

Some vehicle owners roll down the windows to see if the tint is properly installed. This only damages the tints because they have been applied minutes or hours ago and rolling down windows damages the adhesive attached to the tint films.

But this instruction is not only for the day of tint installation. As we discussed that car window tints can take from 2-7 days to dry, so avoid rolling down windows until the tints are dry.

Avoid Sharp Objects

Cat window tins are scratch-resistant but not scratch-proof. Kids pointing things from the windows and paws of small pets will not scratch the tints or window, but some other objects can.

Drivers who take off their seat belts quickly may unintentionally damage the tints as the sharp part of the seat belt will hit the tint and scratch it. Moreover, be careful when loading or unloading pointy and sharp objects to avoid tint scratches.

Cleaning Tinted Windows

After the tints have dried, you will need to clean the tinted window primordially. Car wash services do it well, but if you want to do it yourself, the first thing you need is the right tinted window cleaner.

You should find a cleaner that is specially made for this purpose. To keep it safe, make a cleaner yourself by mixing vinegar or soap with water.

If you want to buy a cleaner, aerosol spray cleaners are fine, but avoid blue-colored cleaners at all costs. They contain ammonia that is harsh for tints and leads to damage and discoloration of the tints.

Then, park the car in a shade and spray the cleaner on the windows and areas near them. Then, wipe the windows with a microfiber cloth moving from top to bottom.


To avoid costly replacements, take care of your car window tints when you take it back from an auto tint shop Springfield. After drying, keep the tints clean and scratch-free.