Keeping your car looking good as new is a tough task but not impossible. People tend to ignore the condition of their vehicle’s paint, which brings down the value when it is time to sell it. Therefore, you must keep the paint looking new so that you can prevent costly cosmetic procedures later. A good way is to use car bodywork protection film to keep the car paint new. Let’s learn more options.

Avoid Bird Dropping

Although it may sound weird when we say avoid bird dropping, it means to avoid parking your car under trees or places where you believe your vehicle will be most vulnerable to bird droppings. It is the no.1 enemy of a vehicle’s paint. Most often, people tend to ignore bird droppings on vehicles and with time, these droppings turn into tough stains to remove. This is because animal excretions tend to be corrosive. The longer the droppings remain on your car the greater will be the damage. This goes for insects as well. Therefore, as soon as you see bird droppings on your vehicle, remove them immediately.

Avoid Automated Car Washes

Automated car washes will save you the effort of washing the car manually but add new swirls along the way. Swirls on a vehicle highlight the fact that it has not been looked well after. This might turn off a potential buyer when you are selling your car. In addition to that, the brushes consist of accumulated dust and dirt particles that are seldom cleaned. Therefore, damaging your paint just to avoid doing some manual effort will ruin your investment in the long run.

Use The ‘Touchless Wash’ Technique

Detailing professionals suggest that you should detail your car in a way that requires minimum contact. For this reason alone, people nowadays use air blowers to dry their vehicles. This removes the need of using cloths that might add swirls as well. However, if your vehicle is exceptionally dirty, simply washing it with plain water and drying off with a blower will not help. This is because stubborn dirt requires using a shampoo and proper rinsing. Therefore, one way or the other, you will need to rinse your car properly to get rid of dirt completely and this is where you will need to use the best quality microfiber cloths to avoid damaging the paint.

Regularly Polish And Wax

Polishes and waxes serve a purpose. While a polish helps correct the paint by removing contaminants and bringing the shine back, wax on the other hand locks the shine and provides a layer of paint protection for car. It is recommended that a vehicle should be polished and waxed at least once a month. Polishes and waxes contain oils that are absorbed by the paint. This helps it regain the shine and protection lost due to carelessness and ignorance. Before polishing and waxing your car, make sure that you wash it properly with the right products so that the dirt level is as low as possible.

Avoid Constant Exposure To The Sun

A vehicle that undergoes constant exposure to the sun is most likely to have its paint damaged as compared to a vehicle that is parked under a shade. The reason is that the UV rays can oxidize and fade your vehicle’s paint. As a result, your car will soon appear more aged than what it actually is. If you are forced to park your vehicle under direct sunlight regularly, it is suggested that you polish and wax it on a weekly basis or get it ceramic coated. Furthermore, if you can afford, get a paint protection film applied by a PPF installer. As a result, your vehicle’s paint will fight the UV rays and prevent any type of indirect or minor direct damage.

Wash Regularly

Washing your car regularly is essential when it comes to keeping your car looking as good as new. Use a high-quality shampoo and wash mitt in straight lines. Moreover, do not use the same cloth for the body once it has been used to clean the tires. Dust particles and grime will accumulate inside the cloth, resulting in swirls. Then, dry the vehicle with high-quality microfiber towels to finish the process.

Use Paint Protection Film

Getting a coat of paint protection film installed on your car will preserve the paint and body of your car and keep it absolute new. You only have to change the PPF every few years.

Summing up, this article aimed to guide you about how to keep your car paint looking new. It might seem a daunting task but after one or two washes, you will get used to it. Remember, your car is a valuable investment. It will pay you off well if you were to look after it. Otherwise, you are looking at expensive paint corrections eventually. So, go to clear car protection film installers Springfield and get a high quality PPF applied on your car.