If your bathroom is in dire need of a makeover then remodeling it is the best thing to do. Here are some very common mistakes people make when doing bathroom remodeling.

No Ventilation Setup

This is probably the biggest mistake anyone can make when they are remodeling their bathroom. Ventilation is very important for any room, let alone the bathroom, and the fact that you forget about this crucial thing when remodeling is not a good thing. A non-ventilated bathroom will smell really bad and it will also be wet at all time.

Not to mention, you won’t be able to even breathe in this space. Make sure that you are paying attention to the ventilation system of the bathroom or at least installing decent-sized windows in the bathroom for the air to leave and come for a good ventilated bathroom.

Improper Arrangement

For a bathroom remodeling project, you don’t want to touch the original space of the sink, bathtub, shower cubicle, and toilet. Changing their places can actually be hard and if something goes wrong, like a leak or a pipe bursting, it can actually do more bad than good.

It’s best to leave these things where they are and work around them because changing the pipe infrastructure can cost you a lot and the new placement might not be the best. You don’t want to crowd the bathroom by changing the original places of the sink and toilet, especially if you don’t have any idea about how these things work.

Going For The Wrong Materials

For any other room, material selection can be a forgiving part, but not for bathrooms. Bathrooms are places where water usage is a lot and you want to invest in materials that are waterproof or at least can sustain water damage, which is why wood is not a good choice for the bathroom.

Try to go for naturally waterproof materials like ceramic, tile, or quartz for the bathroom. These materials are amazing for bathroom countertops and as far as cabinets go, you can go for synthetic materials which are similar to the look and texture of wood but they are a lot better and more durable.


You can go overboard with the budget when you are trying to make a plan for the bathroom remodel. This is something inevitable and you need to control the urge to get everything renovated in the bathroom. The best thing you can do is to go through each thing in your bathroom and see what needs renovation the most. Then, jot that down in your budget and make a rough estimate of the cost. This will help you a lot in staying within your budget and you won’t overspend.

Ignoring The Small Things

During the remodeling project, you might see small things here and there that might seem insignificant but need to be looked over. These things can be as small as a crack on the toilet seat, a leak in the sink, gaps between the tiles, or important bathroom fixtures. These might not be giving you any problems at the moment, but it’s best to get them rectified before the remodeling is done and there is nothing you can do.

Try to see these small things and have the workers settle this discrepancy right on the spot. This will save you from bigger problems in the future.

Being Trendy

Last but not least, you don’t want to be carried away by the trends. Trends are very temporary and they can look good for the time being, but they can soon go out of style in a couple of years, if not months. It’s better to go for classic bathroom designs and evergreen materials so that it remains timeless and there will be no need to change it after a couple of years. Trends might sound great but they will also disappear as fast as they came.


There you have it! Make sure that you avoid these things from happening because they are quite literally permanent and you will need to tear everything down to start all over again. Furthermore, find bathroom remodelers Silver Spring that have a portfolio of successful bathroom remodeling projects so you know you’re betting on the right horse.