Stain resistance is a key quality for kitchen countertops and you must consider it when getting countertop replacement. It prevents stains, makes the countertops look flawless, and so on. Here are some countertops that are highly stain-resistant.

Quartz Countertops

First up on the list of most stain-resistant countertops is quartz. This material is truly indestructible. It’s a man-made material that has unmatched strength and durability.

Thanks to its non-porous surface, it doesn’t need to be sealed and there’s no way water or any other liquid, for that matter, is going to seep into the surface and lead to permanent stains. Maintaining quartz countertops is also super easy. The surface of quartz is also smooth to the touch, so cleaning and wiping down the countertops becomes a piece of cake.

So, if you’re looking for a material that will not let you down, and won’t be decorated with stains, then quartz will be your best bet. It is not only reasonable in price, but it’s also quite hard to compare other materials with its plethora of qualities. So, when in doubt, always go for the super durable, stain-repellent quartz countertops and your life will be easy from that moment onwards.

Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone countertops are surprisingly quite resistant to stains, even though the name suggests otherwise. You might think that soapstone is delicate and soft, but don’t judge a countertop by its name because this bad boy can resist stains as nicely as quartz does.

Soapstone is also naturally non-porous, so it doesn’t require sealing. It has a satisfying surface that’s shiny, but smooth at the same time. It’s just as easy to maintain as any other man-made countertop material and considered a good alternative to granite.

The only downside is that soapstone can get discolored, especially if it’s exposed to the sun for a long time. You might see the color starting to fade away and the beautiful light-colored soapstone will turn into a blotchy surface that’s not always pleasing to look at. So, if you can, try to keep this material away from sunlight and you’ll be good to go.

Solid Surface Countertops

Another man-made countertop takes the top spot. This one is a solid surface. Solid surface is really interesting because it’s made out of two things: pigments and acrylic. The acrylic dries to a clear and rock-hard finish that’s borderline impenetrable and the pigment will impart color to the material so that you have a lot of choices.

Solid surface isn’t the most durable when it comes to breakage and chipping, but it has no competitor in stain resistance. Acrylic is non-porous all the way through and there’s not even a blip of chance that liquid can seep into it and cause permanent stains.

Stainless Steel Countertops

If you’re looking for a foolproof material that’s no fuss and no mess, then it’s time for stainless steel to shine. The gray and gleaming material is a top choice for people who want to make their kitchens look industrial and minimal at the same time.

Metals are non-porous, so there’s no need to seal them and they will make any liquid pool on top of the surface, so you can clean it later with a washcloth. If only stainless steel was smudge-resistant too. This countertop is not the best if you despise finger and hand prints, and they’re hard to hide from this reflective material.

Glass Countertops

Glass is also a very good option if you’re looking for something that frees you from the worries of stains. Glass, like stainless steel, is non-porous, so it allows the liquid to sit undisturbed on the surface. Glass is also quite minimal and beautiful and it gives other countertops a run for their money, as far as appeal is concerned.

The only downside is that glass is breakable and brittle. It’s not as strong as natural or man-made materials and the slightest of forces can cause the countertops to chip and break.

Slate Countertops

Slate is the darker cousin of granite. It’s almost impossible to stain this material. It’s dark, non-porous, and extremely easy to clean and maintain. However, these qualities don’t make up for the fact that slate is super soft and can be scratched easily.

If you’re using abrasive cleaning pads and wires to clean the countertops, then you can kiss your countertops goodbye, because they will be damaged to no extent. It is also quite expensive, almost as much as granite, which is why a lot of people don’t go for it.

Granite Countertops

Granite kitchen countertops Durham NC, even though they’re made out of natural stones, are pretty up there in durability and stain resistance when the factor of sealing is added.

Natural stones are porous by nature, which means that there are small holes or pores on the surface of the stone that can suck liquid or water inside. This is why they’re usually sealed. The same goes for granite countertops.

Unlike man-made stones, granite isn’t naturally stain-resistant and waterproof, but it is made that way by sealing the surface. So, if you want your granite countertops to look beautiful for longer, then definitely consider sealing them, otherwise, you’ll be in for a dreadful surprise.

As granite is the most popular countertop material, it’s installation will also increase the value of your house.

Porcelain Countertops

Porcelain might be brittle, but it sure doesn’t stain. It is usually used in bathrooms and for making vanities and bathtubs, and that’s because they have amazing resistance against water and moisture. Porcelain countertops are truly great if you want something unique for your kitchen.

The only issue is the cleaning of the seams. Since they’re a bit deep, grouts can become deposit areas for dirt, dust, and grime. You’re going to need something thin and pointy to scrape everything out.

Copper Countertops

Coming in last is a very intriguing option that’s not used a lot in kitchens now. That’s a shame because copper countertops are also known for their stain-resistant qualities. The color is also unique with rust, reds, and browns mixing to make a beautiful neutral color.

Since it is also a metal, you don’t need to worry about sealing it. However, copper is not an inert metal, like stainless steel. It reacts with air and oxidizes, turning the brown color of the countertops to rusty green. This is the reason why they’re obsolete.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are similar to porcelain tiles. However, they are less durable than the latter. Even though they are a bit fragile and easy to break, they are very good at stain-resistance and water-resistance. Because of this, they are also easy to clean. You can simply wipe the surface with a wet cloth in case of a spill and the counter will appear clean.

Ceramic tiles do have the issue of grout lines. You have to clean the grout lines with more attention as spills and food particles are get inside them. If you like ceramic tiles, you should go for porcelain tiles instead.


These countertops are great options if you’re looking for materials that are going to stand tall in the durability game and prevent stains. If you don’t want to go wrong, choose quartz countertops Raleigh NC.