When hiring a crane for your next project, you should know there are several factors impacting its cost. From the type of crane to the weight load and size, even the minor things have a say in such matters and you must know about them before going to crane rentals. However, most people ignore them and end up forcefully accepting an option that does not match their needs and preferences. So, we will share the important aspects of renting a crane so that you can come up with a budget accordingly.

The Season

The first important factor affecting crane rental costs is the season. During the summer season, construction projects take place at a rapid pace and sometimes it is even hard to keep count. In some cases, mega projects are being worked on and the client tends to hire almost all the machinery there is to complete the project on time.

As a result, the summer season can also be called a busy season. If you are looking to rent a crane during the busy season, know that the prices will be high as compared to the off-season. This means you will have to book the crane before the busy season sets in.

And that is only possible if the rental company can offer your services. For instance, hiring a crane two months before the busy season is going to affect your budget as it will mostly spend its time sitting idle unless you have some work to do. However, there might be other clients looking to rent the same crane as well.

So, the best way to hire a crane at the right price is by contacting the company and letting them know your needs and preferences. This way, they can call you up once the crane is ready at the right time and help you avoid additional expenses.

The Maintenance History

Cranes are tough and rigid machines specifically designed to handle extremely heavy weights and loads. With time, the machines experience wear and tear that comes with handling loads. This means the cranes need to be looked after to ensure things go smoothly.

Some states have strict regulations about the maintenance of the cranes. This is because cranes comprise several different components and each works together to allow the crane to do the heavy lifting. So, if there is damage, crack, or leakage somewhere, it could lead to load imbalance and even crane tripping to either side. Furthermore, areas that contain cranes are also a risk for people working on the ground.

There have been many incidents in the past where cranes dropped loads, injuring and causing damage to the surroundings just because regular inspection and maintenance were not performed. So, a regularly maintained crane will come with a higher rental price than the one that is hardly looked after.

You might be tempted to go after the lower price but that might lead to serious consequences as well. If the rules are stringent, you might end up in a legal battle as well. Therefore, maintenance is a must and directly impacts the renting cost of a crane.

The Features

You might have come across different cranes working on different projects. From the outside, it might seem as if every crane performs the same task but there is a huge difference when it comes to specifications and features.

For instance, tower cranes can manage extremely heavy loads and reach heights high up in the air. On the other hand, mobile cranes can be easily transported but are not able to reach heights like tower cranes can.

Such fundamental differences can significantly affect the price. In addition to that, cranes also come with safety and other features that make a huge difference. Modern cranes are loaded with radars, night vision, and other features that help maintain safety and add to the convenience of the operator.

That said, while renting a crane, you need to be clear about the features and specifications needed. If you are not able to come to a decision, you should consult an expert. Opting for a crane that is either underweight or overweight can pose a lot of problems. The last thing you would want is to pay for a crane that is not able to lift the weights you need to. So, make your specifications clear so you can rent the right one from crane services VA.

The Type & Size

Cranes come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. As mentioned previously, there are tower cranes and mobile cranes that happen to be among the most common types. Tower cranes are relatively bigger and need to be assembled and disassembled when shifting between locations.

Meanwhile, mobile cranes can be driven and so you don’t have to assemble and disassemble them. Plus, the size of the crane also defines its capability to lift weights and the heights it can reach. This means that if you need to shift heavy loads to higher heights, you are going to need a bigger crane.

However, if the situation demands moving between sites, you are going to need a mobile crane. Mobile cranes are comparatively cheaper to hire than tower cranes but that does not mean they are inexpensive. Some modern mobile cranes are topped with features that can make them expensive to hire.

The Location

Location is a crucial factor both in terms of cost and safety. Considering the size of the cranes, the location and access should be clear for the machine to pass without any obstacles. If the location is relatively difficult to reach and far away, the rent costs will increase.

For instance, if a mobile crane needs to be driven hundreds of miles away, the fuel costs need to be adjusted as well. Moreover, if there is a tower crane that needs to be moved to another location, the transportation costs will increase the rent.

Plus, if you hire an operator from the same company, the rent cost will increase as compared to using an operator from your team. Keep in mind that an operator needs to have a license, and permit and match the working or loading hours specified by the state.

In some cases, an inspector hired by the state also shows up at the site to ensure everything is being done according to the rules & regulations. And, if they find an inexperienced operator managing the crane, they might impose a hefty fine.

To ensure safety and efficiency, it is always better to hire an operator from the company. This way, if anything were to go wrong, the rental company would have to face the consequences instead of putting your reputation at stake. Construction projects are unpredictable and even a slight mistake can cause a big problem. So, the importance of inspections can’t be understated.


Crane rental costs depend on several factors as mentioned above. Although, depending on the state or region, some other external factors may also affect the price. Therefore, you should define your needs and preferences and contact crane for rent DC services to get quotes. Negotiate with multiple providers and opt for the one that offers you the best price and ensures your project is done the right way.