A beautiful rug in the room’s center dramatically transforms its appearance. Indeed, interior designers believe carpets to be the room’s main point. Area oriental rugs, in particular, can transform a space from average to spectacular in a matter of minutes.

However, when carpets and rugs get filthy or worn, the room’s wow effect diminishes as well. Nobody like changing their rugs every year. They are, after all, very costly.

What should you do to maintain the condition of your rugs?

To be sure, a little tender loving care goes a long way. By following a few easy maintenance and care recommendations, you can keep your carpets looking new! As a result, their life will be extended, and they will continue to elevate your space for years to come.

We will discuss many efficient but easy methods for keeping Persian carpets clean and healthy in this post. These suggestions are not difficult to implement. Additionally, you may be able to include them into your regular cleaning routine.

Among these suggestions are the following:

Prevent the carpets from developing sharp edges

If you have placed furniture on the carpet, ensure that the furniture’s pointed legs do not rip the carpet. This is a frequent occurrence. Typically, rips develop as a result of the weight of heavy furniture such as a couch, table, or chairs.

If you have a fragile Silk rug, you must use extra caution while moving furniture. Using furniture with flat bottoms is often preferable.

Rearrange the furnishings

Are you aware? Carpets may also have piles. To avoid pile crushing, ensure that your furniture does not remain in the same location for an extended period of time. As a result, rearrange the furnishings often.

Occasionally, however, this is not possible due to the layout of your living room. However, if it is possible, we suggest it!

Avoid allowing stains to sit

Even though certain carpets are stain-resistant, they are likely to retain part of the stain. As a result, be certain that no stain is allowed to set in. As soon as you notice a stain, use soapy water to remove it from the carpet.

Whatever you do, avoid using a brush or scrub with very coarse bristles. This is due to the fact that carpets may be very sensitive. As a result, they must be handled with caution.

Avoid wearing heavy boots on carpets

Make it a habit to take off all footwear before walking on the carpet. Boots and stiletto heels are the most common causes of carpet damage. Additionally, light shoes and slippers are not preferable.

On the highways, footwear is subjected to a great deal of abuse. We have no idea what our shoes have collected out there. The dirt tracked in by footwear may even result in a mite infestation.

Keep the carpet out of direct sunlight

Sunlight exposure is one of the most common causes of damage to new carpets. Due to the sun’s rays, carpets quickly lose their color and texture. As a result, ensure that your carpet is not exposed to direct sunlight.


Apart from the recommendations stated before, there are many additional general care suggestions. For instance, we recommend that you sweep the carpets regularly. This can help you keep the dust out of your carpet, prevent infestation of mites, and also prolong the life of your carpet.

This is particularly true for Persian antique rugs Alexandria, which are often a little bit thicker. As a result, there is more space for dust to settle. If you follow all these maintenance instructions, we guarantee that your rugs will last a lifetime.